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About us

Wenzhou Yongqi International Trade Co., Ltd. is a company primarily engaged in the import and export of goods and technology. We are also involved in internet sales, sales of daily commodities, second-hand daily commodities, sales of general merchandise, and specialized labor protection products. Additionally, we offer services such as wholesale of footwear and hats, sales of shoe materials and accessories, sales of labor protection supplies, sales of machinery and equipment, sales of valves and plugs, sales of metal fittings for construction, sales of metal tools, and sales of power facilities and equipment.

We provide a wide range of product choices to meet our customers' diverse needs. As a foreign trade company, we focus on establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with our clients. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and professional services, collaborating with our customers to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation. Our team possesses extensive experience in international trade, enabling us to adapt flexibly to different market demands and challenges.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We look forward to offering you premium products and services, and together, we can develop and create a bright future.

Wholesale Guide

1.Identify target market: Before starting your wholesale business, determine the products you wish to sell and the target market. Understanding the market demand, trends, and competition is crucial.

2.Find suppliers: Finding reliable suppliers is key to a successful wholesale business. You can search for potential suppliers through the internet, industry trade shows, supplier directories, etc. Establish good relationships with suppliers who can offer quality products and timely delivery.

3.Determine pricing strategy: Developing a reasonable pricing strategy is essential for ensuring profitability. Consider costs, market demand, and competitive pressures to determine a price level that meets customer expectations while ensuring your profit.

4.Build a customer network: Actively promote your wholesale products and build a wide customer network. Use social media, online platforms, trade shows, etc., to publicize and showcase your products. Maintain good communication and cooperation with potential customers to meet their needs.

5.Manage inventory: Effective inventory management is crucial for wholesale business. Ensure you have sufficient stock to meet customer demand while avoiding excessive inventory. Use inventory management tools and systems to replenish stock in a timely manner and track inventory flow.

6.Provide excellent customer service: Developing long-term and stable relationships with customers is key in wholesale business. Provide timely and professional customer service, answer inquiries, address complaints, and meet special customer requirements as much as possible.

7.Continuously learn and improve: Wholesale business is a highly competitive field that requires continuous learning and improvement. Stay updated on market trends, keep an eye on competitors' actions, and continuously improve your products and services to adapt to changing market demands.

I hope this wholesale guide is helpful for your business!

Customer Testimonials

Getting The Most For Your Money

It's not just about getting a great price. There's no sense in buying a product that doesn't perform or won't last. Quality is a high priority at Monoprice. In addition to the comprehensive testing that is done at the factory level, we have a local product testing lab and experienced technicians that test new products as well as sample test current items to make sure that quality standards are being adhered to.

The results of these efforts have been supported by the high rankings given by users in the product reviews on our website and in professional reviews by well known technology media.

A few websites that have reviewed or mentioned our products include:





New York Times

CNN Money


Maxim Magazine

A quick search on AVS Forum and YouTube will also result in many positive user reviews of our products.

Rapid Growth and Order Fulfillment

In a fairly short time, Monoprice has grown from a small in-home operation to huge enterprise employing over 150 full and temporary employees. The company has recently moved to a 173,000 square-foot centralized office and warehouse facility with plans for further expansion for greater coverage in the future. New automated and computerized order fulfillment systems have been implemented to ensure greater accuracy and efficiency. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the order fulfillment process including better ways to train customer service and warehouse personnel, stronger supply side relations and using the latest warehouse technologies.

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